Apply Now for the 2015 Multi-System Integration Certificate Program

by Ariel Surowidjojo

Now through August 21, 2015, The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform (CJJR) at Georgetown University‘s McCourt School of Public Policy is accepting applications for its 2015 Multi-System Integration Certificate Program.

The program is designed to support local jurisdictions’ efforts to improve outcomes for youth who have been involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems (also known as “crossover youth”) by implementing integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions.… Read More »

Maltreatment of Incarcerated Youth Still a Problem, Report Finds; News Roundup

by Kate Knappett

Every week Reclaiming Futures rounds up the latest news on juvenile justice reform, adolescent substance abuse treatment, and teen mental health. 

Maltreatment of Incarcerated Youth Still a Problem, Report Finds (Philanthropy News Digest)
A report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds that, despite increased attention to the detrimental conditions of juvenile corrections institutions, incarcerated youth continue to be subjected to abusive, systematic maltreatment.… Read More »

The Corps Network: Providing Opportunities for Previously Incarcerated Teens

by Cecilia Bianco

corpsnetInvolving previously incarcerated young people in the community can have a tremendous impact on their future success: Research consistently shows that connecting youth with mentors, education and/or employment opportunities can greatly reduce recidivism and help to re-integrate them.

Connecting Reclaiming Futures youth with mentorships, employment opportunities and other pro-social activities is something that all of our sites are committed to and have seen tremendous success with. Just two recent examples of these include Montgomery County, Ohio, bringing together court-involved young people for a community mural project, and El Paso, Texas, supporting teens who worked together to build an award-winning Thanksgiving float.
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State Supreme Court Ruling Seals Juvenile Records; News Roundup

by Cecilia Bianco

Every week Reclaiming Futures rounds up the latest news on juvenile justice reform, adolescent substance abuse treatment, and teen mental health. 

Clinical Conversations about Cannabis: Using Elicit-Provide-Elicit (ATTC Network)
Given the current climate of conflicting messages and changing policy related to marijuana, counselors need both sources of reliable information and effective strategies to guide their interventions as they talk with clients about this controversial subject. The purpose of this article is to describe how Motivational Interviewing (MI) strategies can inform clinical conversations about cannabis use, with a focus on the Elicit – Provide – Elicit (EPE) model as one potentially useful tool.… Read More »

Opportunity Board Roundup: Juvenile Justice Grants, Jobs, Webinars and Events

by Cecilia Bianco

opportunityBelow you’ll find a selection of the latest grants, jobs, webinars and events posted to our Opportunity Board. Please share the Reclaiming Futures Opportunity Board with your colleagues in the juvenile justice, adolescent substance abuse and teen mental health areas. We encourage you to browse and post!… Read More »

Signs to a Creative Future: National Painting Week Mural Project Led By Teens in Juvenile Court

by Brittini Long

20150610_153753Montgomery County Juvenile Court and Keep Montgomery County Beautiful are pleased to announce that the Helping Adolescents Achieve Long-term Objectives (HAALO) mural project is ahead of schedule and taking shape in the east end of Dayton. HAALO is a program that connects young people involved with Montgomery County Juvenile Court to arts programming through a partnership with K12 Gallery.

During the entire month of June, kids from the Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s HAALO Program will be transforming the Wilson Sign Company building. This structure, located at 300 Hamilton Ave, has been the target of graffiti vandals for many years. However, the youth in the HAALO program have spent the last five months planning and conceptualizing a mural that will replace the graffiti with beautiful artwork that pays homage to the history of innovation and creativity here in the Miami Valley.… Read More »

Protecting LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System; News Roundup

by Kate Knappett

Every week Reclaiming Futures rounds up the latest news on juvenile justice reform, adolescent substance abuse treatment, and teen mental health. 

Protecting LGBTQ Youth in the Juvenile Justice System (National Juvenile Justice Network)
In recognition of June as National LGBT Pride Month, Judy Yu, MPH, MFA discusses LGBTQ youth in the juvenile justice system, as Part 4 in a series of posts celebrating NJJN’s 10th anniversary, and their nine principles of justice reform. Yu addresses the fact that there is a disproportionate number of LGBTQ youth in the juvenile justice system, and what experiences these teens face, and how youth justice reformers across the country can help with these issues.… Read More »

Save the Date: Leadership Institute Live-streaming on June 23rd

by Kate Knappett

blog pic for live-streamWe look forward to bringing the Reclaiming Futures community together next week for our annual Leadership Institute! The annual conference provides the opportunity for juvenile justice and adolescent mental health and substance use treatment colleagues to engage in a robust discussion of critical topics, as well as an opportunity for participants to help one another successfully adopt, implement and sustain Reclaiming Futures at the local level.

2015 Leadership Institute will be held on June 23-24 in La Jolla, California, and this year’s theme is: “Public Health and Justice: A Partnership to Promote Equity and Well-Being for Youth and Families.”

Can’t make it to Leadership Institute this year? On Tuesday, June 23rd three Leadership Institute plenary sessions will be live-streaming on and on… Read More »